How Gender Influences Perceptions in the Workplace: Marie Gervais
Marie joined us to talk about:   Research findings on the perceived leadership competence and aggression between men and women in the workplace. Present day barriers that may be impeding women’s ascension into upper management....
Breaking Down Gender Barriers: Suzanne Hayen
Although there are still advancements to be made, women continue to make great strides in securing a seat at the table in more traditionally male-dominated sectors, including tech and the STEM fields. Suzanne Hayen is an inspirational example of doing just that.
Where Brand and Reputation Intersect: Wade Wilson
Join us to explore how employee relations, brand ambassadors, and customers’ perceptions can all impact your organizational brand.
Leadership and Communication for Better Employee Engagement: Paul Oss
Where do internal communication, leadership style and employee engagement intercede, and how can organizations leverage better communication and management practices to create more engaged teams?
Developing Emerging Leaders: Kiann McNeill
Indicators of effective leadership, how gender factors into misconceptions of leadership potential, and how to make a difference when it comes to leadership training and development.
How Trust & Leadership Drive Engagement: Aleister Avila
As an HR and I/O practitioner with more than 13 years’ experience in the field, and drawing from his diverse experience including time with the US Marine Corp, Aleister joins us to chat about the impact of leadership and team trust on employee engagement.