Are some leadership types more suited to leadership positions? In this episode, we explore team diversity from the perspective of personality traits, assessment, and the influence of personality on team functioning and performance.


Aidan joined us to talk about:


  • Team diversity from the perspective of personality traits
  • Personality assessment in the workplace  
  • The influence of personality functions on team functioning and performance
  • Leadership strengths through the lens of personality typing


About Aidan:


Aidan Millar is a Learning and Organizational Development Specialist at Sheridan College. She previously worked with Psychometrics Canada – an organization that provides training and expertise in the area of business psychology.

Aidan is a facilitator and trainer, and uses a variety of psychometric assessments to develop and deliver programs assisting her clients to address their organizational needs. This includes pre-employment profiling, succession planning, change management, conflict resolution and leadership development.

She holds a master’s degree in Work and Organizational Psychology from Maastricht University in the Netherlands.



Aidan Miller

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