Kiann joined us to talk about:


  • Key indicators of effective leadership
  • Hallmark attributes of true leaders
  • How gender factors into biases and misconceptions of leadership potential and effectiveness
  • Whether there’s a crisis of leadership today — if so, how it can be overcome
  • How to make a difference when it comes to leadership training and development


About Kiann:


Kiann McNeill is a communications, management and leadership professional with over 20 years of experience in the public, private and non-profit sectors. She’s worked in the areas of higher education, health, training and development, arts and culture, as well as human services. During her career, she’s spent over 15 years leading and managing diverse teams.

She is past Director of Marketing and Communications for the University of Alberta, and currently works as a consultant in Organizational Health and Effectiveness. She’s also a certified executive coach.



Kiann McNeill

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