Linda joined us to talk about:


  • What workplace bullying is
  • Workplace bullies and their targets
  • Typical workplace bullying behaviours
  • The root causes of bullying in the workplace
  • The financial impact on organizations and the socio-economic effects on society


About Linda:


Linda Crockett is the founder of the Alberta Bullying Research, Resources and Recovery Centre, and is an advocate for safety in the workplace. She has over 26 years’ experience as a registered social worker and a master’s degree in social work. Linda also received training at the Workplace Bullying Institute with Dr. Gary Namie in Bellingham, Washington.

In August 2015, she completed the Inaugural Summer School: Formulating Evidence-Based Treatment for Targets of Bullying, which was hosted by the International Association of Workplace Bullying and Harassment and involved researchers and therapists from around the world sharing their knowledge and experience.

Through the work of ABRC, Linda aims to increase health and safety for all communities within and outside of Alberta.



Linda Crockett

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