Dr. Marie Gervais joined us to talk about:


  • The impact of social dominance and narcissism in organizations
  • Rebuilding team trust after it’s been eroded
  • Intercultural competency and communicating across cross-cultural differences
  • Gamification of routine workplace procedures for team building and boosting productivity
  • The power of employees to transform a toxic culture and remove abusive leadership in a positive way 


About Marie:


As a leadership and cultural competency expert and owner of a consulting firm, Dr. Marie Gervais is deeply committed to helping companies improve their middle management leadership to improve retention, production and business outcomes.


Marie owns Shift Management — a consulting firm specializing in leadership and intercultural workplace learning, which is now in its second decade serving over 500 clients. Her company provides services in the areas of workplace learning and development, virtual learning products as well as learning management consultation.


Marie is also writing a book called 50 over 50, profiling people who have chosen a different career after the age of 50. She is interested in interviewing both employees and entrepreneurs. If you would like to be interviewed, email Marie your story at marie@shiftworkplace.com.


Where to find Marie online:




Find Marie on Facebook Live every Thursday at 11 am MST covering a variety of leadership topics or Facebook Live on Tuesdays at 12 pm MST about career building.


Resources mentioned in this episode:


Tiny Pulse – employee engagement platform offering real-time, anonymous employee feedback, including pulse surveys, peer recognition, performance reviews and performance tracking.


Robert Sutton – “The No Asshole Rule: Building a Civilized Workplace and Surviving One That Isn’t” – New York Times Bestseller


Edmonton Woman Magazine – “Changing Gears”  – challenges women face in the workplace, such as perceived competence and aggression


Shift Workplace Blog:






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